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Rest and rediscover

Maybe... it is time for you - the carer, to take care of yourself so you live your life at peace and not in pieces.

The Care Factor is dedicated to helping individuals achieve success through self-care and life balance. Our retreats and coaching programs integrate proven methods and techniques designed to help you slow down, reflect, and recharge. We offer a range of products to support your self-care journey, from guided meditations and workshops to personalized coaching sessions tailored to fit your specific needs.


I believe (and know from personal experience) that radical self care is the key to sustainable success. According to pioneering researcher Kristin Neff PhD, when you practice self compassion and take care of yourself, you turn out to be more fulfilled in:


  • Achieving your goals

  • Being more creative

  • Feeling more satisfied at work & in their personal relations


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Lift your care factor and live your life again on your terms - not in pieces... but at peace.

My clients have redefined themselves, increased their confidence to speak up, made bold career choices, strengthened relationships, aligned their parenting with their core values, and been filled with energy and joy.


This is my wish for you because when you honour yourself, everything falls into place.

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