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Brand Me with Purpose Program

Start this program now and
    ....change the way you show up to work each day you can lead a business you are proud to share with the world.


Watch the overview here...

What you will get with this program is

An online coach who cares

This online coach will respond to your answers to program questions and give you honest useful feedback. She will be the angel on your shoulder through this process.


Other programs do have videos, but this is interactive with feedback to be sure you are on track.

Tools to clarify your ideas

This isn't just a wishy washy talkfest, you will have access to key practical tools such as:

  • Brand Identity exercises,

  • Story Blueprint and

  • Story Assessment

  • Action Plan

To help you gain answers and create a brand that shines.

What you will get out of this program is...
  1. clarity regarding your business purpose or career goal

  2. understanding of yourself and how you show up in your work

  3. an outline of a brand identity

  4. a brand story and framework  for refining the story

  5. an understanding of the impact of colour on your audience

  6. a plan focused on 6 key areas to maximise impact and accelerate your personal brand awareness.

  7. increased confidence

  8. raised credibility

  9. direction and so you can say no to things that don't fit your business

  10. a showcase for your best authentic self


For $65.00, (which is comparable to one really good dinner), are you ready to change the way you show up to work each and every day?
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