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Empower Yourself to be the Wonder Woman that you are

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In this 2 hour mini-retreat you will:

  • turn down the volume on your inner critic that stresses you out and saps your energy.

  • learn tips to lift your energy to boost your immunity 

  • learn simple techniques to release your fears and make stress your friend NOT your foe.

  • mobilise the mind-body connection with an easy yoga practice to fill you with confidence in any siutation.

" Every time I've done a workshop with Shannon I've had a-ha moments and come away with new ideas and insights about my behaviour.  Love her work! " - Kelly G.

What happens:
  • We will start the workshop with an intention meditation to open ourselves up to possibilities and insight.
  • Then we will get vulnerable and in touch with our inner critic. We will understand and release our fears together with support not judgment.
  • After this, we will examine three common thought patterns that cause us anxiety and how to shift these so that we empower ourselves.
  • Then we will learn how to use our physical presence along with our minds with ansimple yoga practice (that the inflexible can do!) to stand our sacred ground with confidence
  • Finally, we will create a vision for ourselves and commit to that with practical actions that are worth celebrating.


You walk away with more insight, more tools, more energy and more confidence to be the best version of you in this world!
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