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First it is about you

You took time out to birth a beautiful family. And now you’re back in the game. 


But you still haven’t found the right ‘fit’ for all of the parts of your life.


Nothing is ever good enough. There’s no time for you.


The pressure and soul-draining weight of everything is making you feel so angry, or guilty, or just so lost inside that you have lost faith in yourself.

That's where I can help

From Comparison to Compassion.

Absence to Attention.

Resigned to Resilient.
Engulfed to Empowered.

My name is Shannon Young and I’m an Executive Wellbeing Coach and mother of 3.

I help busy working mothers to find balance so they can smash their results by day and spend quality time with their family by night. To be a true WONDER WOMAN!

You want to have it all. But you’re not sure you can handle any more in your day – you’re already pushed to your limit. But you still you want more. The goals. The promotion. The family. The life. 

Let’s work together NOW to make it all work for YOU

Let’s lose those limiting beliefs that are weighing you down. It’s time to refresh your vision and brighten your perspective with new ways of thinking – ways that work for you.

After our time together, you won’t walk away with ideas to ponder. You will walk away with results. That includes the tools, competencies and behaviours to keep building the life you want, rather than a life you’ve fallen into.


Brains are fascinating things. And with what we know about neuroplasticity, you have the option to reshape your mind. To rebuild your habits and responses to create a life that works for you - and your family. 

Did you know that 50% of your genes
are influenced by your environment?
The same goes for your kids and their key environment is their home.

You can make a huge difference.

I value caring and empathy. Being a good mother. Engaging with your career. Being ‘you’ as well as being ‘mum’. And outcomes. I truly value results. My goal is for my clients to have crystal clear clarity that we have reached their goal and feel in their bones that they’re actively living their best life.

“Shannon's strength is her ability to listen and then guide individuals on their journey.


Recently I introduced Shannon to one of our high potential team members who has gained significant benefit from Shannon's coaching and guidance. Together they have developed a very strong PDP that will allow our high performer to reach the goals she aspires to.


Shannon adds tremendous value with her insights and can see the bigger picture. I would not hesitate to recommend Shannon to others in need of coaching and support”

Wayne Johnson
General Manager
Henkel Beauty Care ANZ

The ripple effect of working on yourself and creating that balance in your mind flows out to everyone in your life – your partner, your children, your colleagues, your friends, and family.


Taking action now is the best gift you can give to those around you. 

My story might sound familiar... I was rushing

stressed mother driving

Beyond the years of study (an MBA and a handful of other qualifications, if you’re curious), I work in this space because this was my space. My story looked just like yours (I wouldn't be here authentically if it weren't.)


I was an Organisational Development Manager with a well-known Australian brand, coaching executive women through their professional development. My job was my life – but so were my kids.

I had more than $2000 in speeding fines (that’s not a typo) from rushing between my children’s day care centre and my job in Sydney. Yet I was still the last parent to arrive for pick up.

It was one manic day after the next – breakfast, get everyone in the car, rush to day care, rush to work, rush back to day care, rush to extracurricular activities…

One day I was driving towards the Sydney Harbour tunnel and traffic had stopped. Ahead of me was a miasma of red lights from cars stuck in place, clogging my view and pushing me to the edge.



That was my moment. My ‘This is NOT how it’s supposed to be’ breaking point


My marriage was falling apart, my blood pressure was soaring, my mother had been diagnosed with cancer and all my children saw was a furious blur of movement as I pushed and pulled them from one place to the next, or shooed them from the room so I could get back to work.

Want to know what my version of burnout looked like? I realised I was spending more time in bed worrying about what to pack for my children’s lunches...
than I was actually making the lunches.

How crazy is that?

I knew I wasn’t happy – I wanted to do something that made me feel alive and worked for my family. Doctors offered me medication to soothe my woes, but I didn’t want to add another piece to the puzzle – another thing that I had to remember to take or to do.


I wanted to create a solution.

As a kid, I was the ‘Switzerland’ of the playground. My (entirely self-appointed) job was to help everyone around me play together. My theory was ‘if I can make one person’s life better, that’s success for me’.

So I decided to reconnect with that truth and put my professional skills and training to a slightly different use in my own business helping working mothers like you.

I want every mum to give herself the opportunity be the best she can be.
To find peace in who she is by finding a realistic way forward that doesn’t mean sacrificing her goals.

It is not about having "a balanced life", it is about "being" balanced every day.

How I help devoted and busy working mothers like you change their lives

I coach busy and stressed working mothers to navigate their challenges and rise up as thriving women who are achieving their goals, confident in themselves, caring in their relationships and of themselves, and have found their balance inside and out. 


Busy and devoted mothers attend workshops and weekend wellness retreats to bond and relax, reset and rebalance themselves so they can return to their daily lives recharged and invigorated with joy and a zest for life.


My clients have transformed their lives; stopped bad habits; they have wanted to "sing from the hillltops" about how great they are feeling and they are fighting less with their children because they have the tools and the mindset to be present, empathic and balanced.

Imagine being able to respond to situations rather than react. Imagine being able to be fully present wherever you are, whether it be at work or with your family. Imagine yourself operating at full capacity with energy and enjoying your life more.

It’s about being balanced.

You can be a bit of everything. I’m a mother. I’m an Executive Wellbeing Coach. I’m skilled in getting my point across in a meeting. I’m professional. I love hugging my kids. I’m that caring friend who always listens. I love research and using real data to guide choices. I’m a bit goofy. I like to dance to Justin Timberlake from time to time to blow off steam (did you know dancing reduces the probability of dementia by 76%?!). I am all of that and I "be" all of that to be balanced.


Our next steps are to help you find the right balance for you, using proven tools, lived experience and a bespoke blend of spirituality and practicality, with coaching that comes from a place of empathy and experience. I ask the questions your heart wants to answer. And I back that up with the knowledge, research and training to genuinely help.


If you’re ready to find that place, I’m ready to help you.



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