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How the Care Factor has helped people like you

Since leaving the global corporate world and starting The Care Factor in 2013, I have been privileged to help working mothers PLUS several companies reach for their next level of performance including one of the best specialty coffee companies in Australia; a global car distributor known for passion, national hotel chain, major beauty consumer goods company, recruitment specialist etc... Across all industries people have a deep need to care about what they do and that leads to purpose and performance.


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Highly Recommended!

The reality of what the Balanced Babe retreat was really all about hit me that afternoon when Shannon ran our first group session. Instead of the (dare I say it?) hippie/fluffy stuff I might have anticipated, Shannon dove straight into the specifics of how our minds work and some research behind how our brains operate. WOW! I remember thinking, This weekend is going to be amazing! - Fi M

Rainforest Suspension Bridge  2014-12-31-10:12:27

“I was so impressed with Shannon’s genuine support, patience and understanding. She helped me take accountability for where I heading in my own life. I was given clarity and the confidence in myself to pave the path towards my dreams. I feel like a lot of stress and pressure was lifted. My time with Shannon helped me gain the ability to set my goals, simplify my life and realise I don’t actually have to sacrifice anything.” - Jasmine

Not being afraid to aim high and having the self belief to achieve what I didn't dare to expect or hope for, were the most exciting philosophies I gained from Shannon - Sam

Thanks again… It was really interesting and I definitely learned some things to improve my life!! - Peta

Working Mom 2 v3

Thank you for sharing your insights …  I admit I was rushed and tired this morning but the seminar was a peaceful break …  I will put some things in place and pass the information onto my girlfriend who was interested … but wasn’t able to attend. - Aiichia

Mel D on Leadership

I regularly think of my learning experiences working with Shannon and thankful of the development opportunities she has helped enable. Working with Shannon on these programs provided so much relevance from a work perspective but also from a personal perspective and especially now with a little person who looks to me for leadership.” - Mel D.

TriHarder - Business Coaching

Shannon can help no matter how big or small your business.  She made opening a small business for me, stress free.  Whatever YOU want, she helps with no judging on errors i could have made early on, instead she guides and gives advice and makes you realise no goal is to big.  What I liked instantly is that she comes with a strong business ethic and very skilled in what she does, and still very caring and supportive every step of the way.  - Becky James, Owner

Jackie Y on Personal Brand

Thanks Shannon for providing the tools to enable us to focus on establishing our "brand". Definitely thought provoking& interesting to learn of differences in self evaluation vs what we project to others. - Jackie Y.

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